Reasons Why Virgin Coconut Oil is Best for You

I discovered the benefits and therapeutic qualities of coconut oil three months ago. Before then all i knew of were coconut flesh, coconut milk, coconut water, and coconut husks.

There are so many foods and products made from the four parts of a coconut. For example:

1. Coconut flesh is edible and tastes great whether fresh, or roasted. It’s used in many confectionery products and when it is roasted, it is eaten as is, or used for a variety of food toppings.

2. Coconut milk is got from its flesh. It extracted by blending the flesh and sieving out the milk, and the chaff used as food products. Please ensure that you cut coconut flesh into smaller pieces if you intend to blend with a home blender. Larger pieces will damage your blender blades.

3. Coconut water makes a refreshing drink. It's good for oral dehydration therapy and contains the necessary electrolytes to treat dehydration.

4. Coconut husk utilised for a good number of products, especially in rural areas. Products made from coconut husk include floor mats, brushes. Cooking 'fuel', and building material components.

How I Discovered the Efficacy of Coconut Oil

A friend and I were discussing the challenges associated with aging. We spoke on how we have to find ways to avoid some of those challenges that many people face, as we begin to grow old and grey.

We spoke about all kinds of natural ways to keep aging challenges at bay. How we can save our children the agony of having to nurse us, because of health difficult challenges and conditions.

Then she mentioned coconut oil.

She told me about her father and the challenges he and the family had to face. If she knew then what she knows now about the efficacy of the oil - she had researched the topic to detail - his condition may have improved with coconut oil therapy.

She would have made her dad take two tablespoons of coconut oil each day.

He had Alzheimer.

They claim that taking coconut oil each day can help keep Dementia, Alzheimer, and similar conditions at bay. It can even delay its onset if the regimen commences early enough.

So i did my own research and I my discovery was an eye-opener. It wasn't only good to guard against those conditions; it can also help to improve (to a certain degree) THE conditions.

Best of all, this natural oil is good to use for over 100 conditions, ailments, nutritional, and body care products

Health and Nutritional Benefits

Summed up in one statement, "coconut oil is the healthiest oil on earth" and i believe it is for many reasons. And the more i read about this "miracle oil", the more I wanted to try it out.

My husband and I started on two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil each day.

Coconut oil is good for the immune system and boosts the production of insulin in Type2 diabetes patients. I know of this because my partner has Type 2 diabetes, and his condition has improved. He has had to cut down on his usual medication.

He uses his glucose-meter twice a day so his blood glucose level is well checked. The results we observed are remarkable!

Success Stories 

Read all about users’ success stories. You’ll be amazed at the wonders of coconut oil and what it has done in the life of many. Here is what they have to say . . . Success Stories.

It's also good for brain health and helps to reduce body fat. Yes, body fat! It gives you good cholesterol, and is great for the skin and hair.

Coconut oil treats abscesses, nausea, scabies, tumors, jaundice, and so many other health problems.

Coconut oil is a teeth whitener. I can see it gradually whitening my smoke stained teeth. It is good for shrinking moles and warts, softening the soles of the feet, and for the treatment of psoriasis.

These are just a few of the reasons we can consider coconut oil as some ‘miracle’ oil.

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Researched Facts on Coconut

For further reading, and understanding of the awesomeness of coconut oil . . .Researched Facts on Coconut

Source: The Coconut Research Centre

InterNations - A Social Network Community for Expatriates

In over 350 cities around the world, from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, New York to Singapore; Amsterdam to Canada and Belgium to South Africa, InterNations is a one-of-a-kind social community that embraces expatriates all over the world.

It is the largest and major international social network community (both online and offline) for expatriates far away from home, with well over 1.7 million members worldwide.

InterNations offers expats a trusted network to find and get to know each other, not only at important events and occasions but also at their over 4000 monthly activities, wherever their city of abode may be.

The trusted community which boasts of having local and foreign members . . . is an international experience you will love and enjoy.

Hear them – “From the moment you decide to move abroad until you’ve settled in and beyond, we want to make sure that you can enjoy your expat experience to the fullest! Wherever in the world life takes you, our InterNations Communities help you feel at home”....

As a member, you’ll have a great social life outside work with fellow expatriates and locals of “global minds".

After all, “all work and no play…” as the old adage says!

Benefits of Being a Member of InterNations

The benefits of being a member of the community are enormous, but best of all, you’ll find that:
  1. InterNations provides a platform in which to exchange and receive dependable information about a new place of residence
  2. You can get insider tips on all expatriate-related issues
  3. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow expats in your new country
  4. You can partake in exciting events where you will meet local and international people of like minds 
  5. You will get tips and useful information you need about the new city/country you’ve just arrived at
  6. You will get helpful advice from fellow members of the community 
  7. You will find online forums where you can talk or chat about . . . city talk, jobs, housing, expats Q&A, marketplace, etc...
And you can bring your family and friends aboard, because . . . it’s free to join!

Some of the Activities of Its Various Communities Worldwide

InterNations can be found in 390 cities around the world. With nearly two million members and over 200 destination guides, around the world, members partake in over 4000 events and activities every single month.

Fun and relaxation; most definitely!

Activities and event groups include:
  • Arts, culture, and entertainment
  • Business groups
  • Professional networking activities
  • Dining out
  • Nightlife activities
  • Sailing and boating
  • After work groups
  • Sport activities
  • Leisure activities
  • Nationalities and languages
  • Jazz music
  • Chess and other mind games
  • Cigar clubs 
  • Expatriate's spouse club
. . . And so much more!

So, wherever in the world work or life decides to take you, your city’s InterNations community will always help you feel at home from the day you land at the airport.


11 Reasons Why I Prefer Google+ to Twitter

When it comes to social networking, any internet marketer worth his/her salt knows that without networking on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc… they may be doing themselves some injustice in terms of having a voice and audience out there.

But each and every one of us has their favourite social networking sites, different internet marketers prefer one (or two) more than the other, for many different reasons, and that depends on the niche(s) they may be in.

With this article, I speak for myself.

Though I have been into internet marketing for a good number of years, I never realised the worth of social networking until roughly a year ago.

Yes, I joined them all some years ago but I never really used them optimally in the sense of the word. I was just on Twitter because I felt I had to be. I only joined Facebook because everybody was on Facebook. I signed up on LinkedIn because it seemed the ‘in thing’ . . . and Pinterest and Google+ for similar reasons as well.

I use Twitter and Google+ quite often these days, and Pinterest too. But this article is about which I prefer (for social networking), Twitter or Google+

Social Network - Twitter or Google+

I definitely prefer G+ to Twitter for a number of reasons, but mostly because:
  1. I find G+ more organised. It’s so much easier to stick to your kind with circles and communities. I can interact solely with either of the two based on my topics or niches.This makes engagement much easier to achieve.
  2. I’m not limited to 140 characters as is the case on Twitter. I can post a whole page of content on Google+ if I so wish (not that I do though, but I have the choice).
  3. I don't feel obliged to follow back because someone just followed me and I need to reciprocate. I have never felt such pressure on Google+.
  4. I don’t feel it's a numbers game, in terms of followers! All the talk.about it being better to have more ‘followers’ than the people I follow is silly!
  5. It’s easier to get genuine followers on G+ and not just those who do it to increase the number of their followers to 'show-off’' positions.
  6. There is no follow and then unfollow again for such shallow reasons. It’s been said that people will unfollow you just because they are miffed that you didn't follow back! Or trying to increase their follower-ship numbers which must be higher than who they follow.
  7. I’ve received more shares and +1's on Google plus in a month than I've gotten retweets in six months.
  8. I have received more page views in only a few weeks than I've received from my tweets in a whole year. Each niche I’m in gets me more potential viewers/readers from Google+ than it does from Twitter. Getting your particular audience through those Twitter hashtags drives me crazy . . . and it’s been advised that two or more hashtags is way too many!
  9. I find re-sharing on G+ ‘a breeze’ and you can be certain that those who should be reading or viewing my content are the people doing so. Thanks to circles and communities. And I haven’t even gotten into joining ‘Hangouts’ group yet!
  10. Shared posts don't just zip by only to be buried in the 'heap' within a short spate of time, something about Twitter that irritates me. Google+ is so much more organised.
  11. G+’s interface has such great but simple features and is not so boxed in. It makes social networking sites like Facebook look like the archaic MySpace! Its layout and functionality is seamless and I can even edit my posts.

Best of all, if you hate being crowded with your family, friends, office colleagues, pets, and all, milling around you and knowing your business, you'll feel more relaxed and kind of private on G+. Sure, Google plus has been described as a 'ghost town', but . . . I sure LOVE this 'ghost town'. 

Certainly, in my opinion, Google+ is so much fun to be on. However, there is a minus . . . I prefer Twitter to G+ ONLY because I can get current and breaking worldwide news on-the-go. Just that!

So, join me on Google+ and be a part of an organised social networking fun!

How to Get Your First Video Production Job

If you are a beginner in the video production industry and have just successfully set up your own studio, finding your first client is the most challenging part of this business. Am I right?

Yes, you most probably possess the necessary skills required to create a great project and you’ve set up a pretty good recording studio at your home. BUT you need to find someone who is willing to hire you.

Potential clients may know you are a beginner, in the sense that it’s your first prospective job and you are working in your own establishment. But then, they can’t really tell how competent you are. Or not!

How Do You Impress Your First Customer?

First of all, if you aim to start off on a good foot in the video production industry, you need to impress your very first client. It’s like . . . “make or break” . . . well sort of. It’s good to know that he/she/they may be the key to other openings. Their experience with you, if great, may help you get repeat jobs and good referrals for future jobs.

10 film-making lessons I learned the hard way

The way you present yourself and the little inconsequential things count; yes they do. You may not realise it but unexpected things, asides a job well done of course, do count towards how they perceives you. And this begins from the moment you both speak over the phone or meet in person.

Remember the saying “first impressions count?” . . . It’s so true if you want to impress your first client. And you must do your best to keep the tempo on through the entire process of the video production job.

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 This is your first money-earning project so with that in mind, here is how to impress your client.
  1. Good preparation is vital for video production so plan well ahead. Yes, this is pretty obvious, but careful and thoughtful preparation is very important if you want your client to have confidence in you and your capabilities as a videographer.
  2.  Place value on time. It's important that you prove this to your client because it shows the qualities of an efficient professional. They’ll be impressed. So, keep strictly to timed meetings and ensure you show up well prepared.
  3. Plan out video your shoots well ahead of time so as to reduce down time. You must give your client a realistic timeline for the project, and you MUST adhere to it.
  4. Never ever promise what you know (or feel) you cannot deliver. Come clean and let your new client know this. You’ll be respected for being forthright.
  5. Listen attentively and be open to your client's likes/dislikes. Don’t be one of those video professionals that disregard incorporating a client's thoughts into a project. If your prospect feels like sharing a preconceived idea about his/her project, lend an attentive ear and take note of their desires. They almost always like this; they feel carried along with the production.
  6. If need be, point out carefully (in a nice tone of voice and good attitude) why you think their idea may or may not work. Even though the client is the boss you want to make happy, you still need to carefully consider any idea suggested, as long as it doesn’t impact the video production process in an nonconstructive manner.
  7. A good tip on how to quickly to impress a prospect is to attempt to implement some of their ideas, maybe with slight modifications of course. It’s funny, but as your client base expands, you will soon notice that one thing prospects have in common is the likelihood of getting a speedy final approval if they feel like they have their ideas woven into the final production. They love the idea of having their own stamp on the work of their video producer, no matter how small it may be.
10 tips for shooting live events

A Video Producer Must Have an Aspect of Surprise

A professional video producer must “leave some tricks in the bag”, so learn and adopt this skill now as a beginner. For instance if you have a great idea to really enhance this video project, suppress the urge to “scream it to the world”! It’s always good to keep a trick or two up your sleeve, make it something you client least expects.

But it must be good and it must have a “WOW” factor. Certainly, they’ll be impressed with this.

Don’t divulge this 'ace up your sleeve' because once you've told the client about this one “hot” idea of yours, their expectations become over-blown, and they’ll expect some ‘magic’ of sorts in the final production.

Surprising them with a few brilliant ideas when they view your product can put their reaction “over the top”.

Be Accessible

If possible, be accessible to your first client(s) at all times; it will pay off eventually . . . remember, patience and perseverance pays off in the long run. See this approach as an investment. The time will come when you’ll have a number of clients at a time, and this may require that you do some “juggling”. It’s okay!

The secret to referrals or repeat business in video production is to always be receptive to your clients. For example, if a client calls you, or sends you an email, if you have been so busy as to miss the call, or didn’t read your mail in good time, as soon as you realise this, you must get back to them ASAP.

So to wrap it up, as a producer, if you make yourself easily accessible, approachable, open and honest, you’ll find that you will have very happy clients.


Graduation Shirts 2015 – Custom T Shirts for Graduating Students

So you are one of the new “grandaunds on the block”? That’s wonderful news and quite an accomplishment. Graduation is not only a very important ceremony, but one that’s significant to each and every one of you in a number of ways.
  • Graduation is a major milestone in your life
  • You will be receiving an academic degree
  • It’s a culmination of all your hard work and sleepless nights of study, learn, study!
  • It marks the beginning of your journey into the ‘real world’
  • It’s a day to cherish for the rest of your life
  • School is finally out, as in OUT, and in most instances, forever!

This is a time to celebrate your great achievement, because as you walk out of the school door after graduation, you will be doing so as an alumnus . . . and what a great euphoric feeling this must elicit!

Custom Senior Tees, as Big a Tradition as Graduation Itself

It’s also a time to keep to tradition of graduation shirts. This is one item of clothing that’s a must-have, one that has become a kind of custom over the decades; graduation tees.

This is your year – “Class of 2015” so let your pride shine as far and wide as is possible, starting from the day of the graduation event, right under your academic dress.

The ceremony takes ‘forever’ and in many regions it becomes sweltering hot. Why in the world would you wear a flowing gown or a suit, shirt and tie under your graduation gown?

And after your ceremony and the days, weeks, and years to come, you want to have this memento, a souvenir that shows how proud you are of getting your degree. It becomes a keepsake and a kind of "traditional announcement; a timeless and formal way” to share the news of your graduation with family, friends, and associates.

From hoodies and tank tops, to long/short sleeve t-shirts and crew neck sweats, graduation tees can be customised to you and/or your group, crew, team, or cliques taste. Also, at many colleges, they are worn for grad parties or given out as gifts to friends and school mates.

Showcase Your Proud Achievement through T Shirts

Show your pride in yourself, your accomplishment, and your “big, swollen, full-of-knowledge brain”. Let everyone see the results of your brain work and the year you accomplished the feat. Tell the world through your custom graduation tees.