11 Reasons Why I Prefer Google+ to Twitter

When it comes to social networking, any internet marketer worth his/her salt knows that without networking on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc… they may be doing themselves some injustice in terms of having a voice and audience out there.

But each and every one of us has their favourite social networking sites, different internet marketers prefer one (or two) more than the other, for many different reasons, and that depends on the niche(s) they may be in.

With this article, I speak for myself.

Though I have been into internet marketing for a good number of years, I never realised the worth of social networking until roughly a year ago.

Yes, I joined them all some years ago but I never really used them optimally in the sense of the word. I was just on Twitter because I felt I had to be. I only joined Facebook because everybody was on Facebook. I signed up on LinkedIn because it seemed the ‘in thing’ . . . and Pinterest and Google+ for similar reasons as well.

I use Twitter and Google+ quite often these days, and Pinterest too. But this article is about which I prefer (for social networking), Twitter or Google+

Social Network - Twitter or Google+

I definitely prefer G+ to Twitter for a number of reasons, but mostly because:
  1. I find G+ more organised. It’s so much easier to stick to your kind with circles and communities. I can interact solely with either of the two based on my topics or niches.This makes engagement much easier to achieve.
  2. I’m not limited to 140 characters as is the case on Twitter. I can post a whole page of content on Google+ if I so wish (not that I do though, but I have the choice).
  3. I don't feel obliged to follow back because someone just followed me and I need to reciprocate. I have never felt such pressure on Google+.
  4. I don’t feel it's a numbers game, in terms of followers! All the talk.about it being better to have more ‘followers’ than the people I follow is silly!
  5. It’s easier to get genuine followers on G+ and not just those who do it to increase the number of their followers to 'show-off’' positions.
  6. There is no follow and then unfollow again for such shallow reasons. It’s been said that people will unfollow you just because they are miffed that you didn't follow back! Or trying to increase their follower-ship numbers which must be higher than who they follow.
  7. I’ve received more shares and +1's on Google plus in a month than I've gotten retweets in six months.
  8. I have received more page views in only a few weeks than I've received from my tweets in a whole year. Each niche I’m in gets me more potential viewers/readers from Google+ than it does from Twitter. Getting your particular audience through those Twitter hashtags drives me crazy . . . and it’s been advised that two or more hashtags is way too many!
  9. I find re-sharing on G+ ‘a breeze’ and you can be certain that those who should be reading or viewing my content are the people doing so. Thanks to circles and communities. And I haven’t even gotten into joining ‘Hangouts’ group yet!
  10. Shared posts don't just zip by only to be buried in the 'heap' within a short spate of time, something about Twitter that irritates me. Google+ is so much more organised.
  11. G+’s interface has such great but simple features and is not so boxed in. It makes social networking sites like Facebook look like the archaic MySpace! Its layout and functionality is seamless and I can even edit my posts.

Best of all, if you hate being crowded with your family, friends, office colleagues, pets, and all, milling around you and knowing your business, you'll feel more relaxed and kind of private on G+. Sure, Google plus has been described as a 'ghost town', but . . . I sure LOVE this 'ghost town'. 

Certainly, in my opinion, Google+ is so much fun to be on. However, there is a minus . . . I prefer Twitter to G+ ONLY because I can get current and breaking worldwide news on-the-go. Just that!

So, join me on Google+ and be a part of an organised social networking fun!

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