InterNations - A Social Network Community for Expatriates

In over 350 cities around the world, from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, New York to Singapore; Amsterdam to Canada and Belgium to South Africa, InterNations is a one-of-a-kind social community that embraces expatriates all over the world.

It is the largest and major international social network community (both online and offline) for expatriates far away from home, with well over 1.7 million members worldwide.

InterNations offers expats a trusted network to find and get to know each other, not only at important events and occasions but also at their over 4000 monthly activities, wherever their city of abode may be.

The trusted community which boasts of having local and foreign members . . . is an international experience you will love and enjoy.

Hear them – “From the moment you decide to move abroad until you’ve settled in and beyond, we want to make sure that you can enjoy your expat experience to the fullest! Wherever in the world life takes you, our InterNations Communities help you feel at home”....

As a member, you’ll have a great social life outside work with fellow expatriates and locals of “global minds".

After all, “all work and no play…” as the old adage says!

Benefits of Being a Member of InterNations

The benefits of being a member of the community are enormous, but best of all, you’ll find that:
  1. InterNations provides a platform in which to exchange and receive dependable information about a new place of residence
  2. You can get insider tips on all expatriate-related issues
  3. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow expats in your new country
  4. You can partake in exciting events where you will meet local and international people of like minds 
  5. You will get tips and useful information you need about the new city/country you’ve just arrived at
  6. You will get helpful advice from fellow members of the community 
  7. You will find online forums where you can talk or chat about . . . city talk, jobs, housing, expats Q&A, marketplace, etc...
And you can bring your family and friends aboard, because . . . it’s free to join!

Some of the Activities of Its Various Communities Worldwide

InterNations can be found in 390 cities around the world. With nearly two million members and over 200 destination guides, around the world, members partake in over 4000 events and activities every single month.

Fun and relaxation; most definitely!

Activities and event groups include:
  • Arts, culture, and entertainment
  • Business groups
  • Professional networking activities
  • Dining out
  • Nightlife activities
  • Sailing and boating
  • After work groups
  • Sport activities
  • Leisure activities
  • Nationalities and languages
  • Jazz music
  • Chess and other mind games
  • Cigar clubs 
  • Expatriate's spouse club
. . . And so much more!

So, wherever in the world work or life decides to take you, your city’s InterNations community will always help you feel at home from the day you land at the airport.


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