10 Important Tips For First Time Home Builders

As a first time home builder, it is important to follow the following tips. It is to ensure your plans of building your dream home becomes a successful venture. 

For a first time home owner/builder,  the decision to build a dream home is one of the greatest commitments you'll ever make. But take note . . . Ignore the following tips at your own risk!

They are presented in the order to follow and not in their order of priority.

1. Prepare a Well Detailed Budget Plan

It is imperative to plan and budget for the financial aspect of your building project. this will ensure you can comfortably afford to finish what you plan to start.

Make sure you budget for possible interest charges. Don't forget to plan for alternative accommodation to stay while the building project is going on.

Ensure you allow for a contingency amount in your budget. There are always possibilities of unexpected expenses and/or extra building costs.

2. Find Out Details About the Plot of Land Before you Buy

Virgin land can sometimes conceal all manner of problems.  So before you buy a piece of land, use the services of a commissioned solicitor to help check that all is well. And dig deep; who knows, there may be added extra costs, or some other reasons that may prevent building altogether.

A solicitor, a land surveyor, or a structural engineer can  inspect the land to ensure that it is suitable for building. The engineer can also recommend the type of foundation that will be appropriate.

3. Develop the Site to Tie With its Environment

If a future decision to resell arises, then thinking well ahead about the resale value is important. It doesn't make sense to erect a luxury home on a street with not-so-luxurious homes. It may become difficult to resell a detached home with say five bedrooms on a street full of semi-detached houses.

4. Consult a Planning Expert

Before submitting your building plans for consent, do consult a planning expert. He/she will advise you and let you know whether you will get building consent for your new home, or not.

This also applies if you are purchasing your dream home drawing plans online.

Experts in the field include builders, architects, or the local authority planning officers themselves.

Taking this step is best, to avoid a refusal of planning permission. You don't want to get your plans done then find there'll be complications which mean delays and loss of budgeted funds.

5. Draw Up a Building Schedule

Once planning and detailed budgeting is complete,  use it to work out a construction schedule. This schedule will detail when each of the skilled workers is required on site, and when building materials should be on site.

It will also show when each task is to begin and its expected completion time.

6. Prepare a Cash Flow Chart

Now the building schedule is ready. You know when you will need labour and when to buy materials. As the project progresses, you can mark which expenses has to be met and when.

Use this information to prepare a cash flow chart which will help you to assess how much funds is required at any stage of the project.

7. Try Not to Take on Too Much by Yourself

As a first home builder, please ensure that you don't try to take on too many responsibilities yourself. Only attempt to do tasks you are capable of doing and skilful at.

It’s wise to leave the expert decisions to the professionals working on site. . It is uneconomical to attempt to do so many things by yourself as this can cause expensive mistakes and unnecessary delays.

8. Materials and Workforce on Site

Required materials and the workforce must bo on site as and when needed.
Your building schedule will detail what you need and when you need it. So make sure that the materials you order for, and skilled workers commissioned are on site at the right time.

Remember that any savings associated with owner/builders are dependent on strict efficiency. This translates to making sure there are no delays by having to wait for materials and site workers to turn up.

9. Negotiate for Favourable Estimates

Don't be afraid to negotiate the prices of materials and labour costs. What you end up saving depends on how well you've negotiated prices. And this includes the price of your plot of land and all other resources that will go into the building project.

These hard times, it’s now a buyers market so go ahead and shop around and make sure you 'haggle' well.

10. Get a Full Building Insurance Cover

Be sure to take out private build insurance to cover your liability costs on site and for the workforce. And don't forget site insurance to protect the building, all materials, plants, and machinery.

You must also arrange some kind of warranty on your new home. As an owner builder, ensure you are well covered and try not to get tempted to buy because the price is cheap. You may live to regret that careless decision.

To Inspire You and Set You On the Right Path . . .  


You’ll need some form of motivation to awaken your mind to vast possibilities of creativity in terms of both your interior and exterior design. Who knows, you may possess a latent creative ability and all you need is some inspiration through physical books and/or magazines.

These 'mediums' are highly visual and do help a ton! It is a good idea to add the minimal cost of a couple of these to your home building project. You won’t regret it

Draw some inspiration from magazines and/or books . . . a first time homeowner will do well to have it. Also, discover how to find the best site, obtain financing, hire the right contractor, cut design and construction costs, and avoid common mistakes.

Now That You Are Ready to Build Your First Home . . .

  1. You know what you want
  2. You have found your desired plot of land
  3. You have planned well in advance
  4. You have sought advice from relevant professionals in the building industry
  5. You have budgeted well, knowing your financial standing
  6. You've got your drawing plans from your architect or purchased design and blueprints online

And got the necessary approvals! . . . You can now begin building your own home, a dream property that will meet your needs and enhance your lifestyle. 

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Decorate Your Bedroom with Mood Enhancing Wall Decals

Once in a while, we start to get tired and dis-interested with the look of our interiors. It may be the bedroom, living room, dining area, or simply the bathrooms, but there is this lack-lustre look that’s so boring, it needs a pep-up.

BLOOM WAVE (styleandapply)

When we get to feel like this, our interior space needs livening-up. But then we begin to think of the costs, and lay back with a sigh. But having a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t transform the look of your bedroom, or other rooms of your home. A beautiful make-over can be achieved without being 'sent to the poor house! 

Liven-up Your Bedroom with Creative Wall Decals and Murals

There is nothing like spicing up your bedroom with creative ideas that’ll make your friends envious. Most of us will love a new look bedroom but feel that not much can be done because beds already have a predetermined spot in the room. That’s fine. In fact you can completely change the theme of a room without moving a single piece of furniture out of its position.


Decals are just the right thing to turn a bland interior space into a dream room because the themes are endless. From modern & retro wall stickers, to calming water themes prints, applying decals, murals and other forms of ‘wall tattoo’ can quickly change the atmosphere of a bedroom . . . from dull and dreary to cheerful, mood inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing.


Bedroom decals can be used to create an illusion of elegance, for example as an iron headboard for a platform bed. It can be used to create an illusion of living in a penthouse, with a sky-scape theme. And it can be made more alluring, to give a look of 'royalty', by adding some Swarovski elements for extra sparkle.  

Features and Themes

Sizes vary from small to large, and the bedroom’s size and expanse of the wall you intend to apply it on will determine the size(s) you choose. Also, there are hundreds of themes you can use, and you can even create your own design if you are creative or ‘interior decoration inclined’.

Themes and scenes range from the classic, as in stained glass designs, to nature themes of trees, Venice canals by night, stars, and butterflies. There are picturesque views of city skylines, exotic beaches, and shooting stars. Inspirational quotes are quite popular and if you love ‘city-scapes’ at night, you can only get those with wall murals.

TIME TO DREAM (styleandapply)

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