Graduation Shirts 2015 – Custom T Shirts for Graduating Students

So you are one of the new “grandaunds on the block”? That’s wonderful news and quite an accomplishment. Graduation is not only a very important ceremony, but one that’s significant to each and every one of you in a number of ways.
  • Graduation is a major milestone in your life
  • You will be receiving an academic degree
  • It’s a culmination of all your hard work and sleepless nights of study, learn, study!
  • It marks the beginning of your journey into the ‘real world’
  • It’s a day to cherish for the rest of your life
  • School is finally out, as in OUT, and in most instances, forever!

This is a time to celebrate your great achievement, because as you walk out of the school door after graduation, you will be doing so as an alumnus . . . and what a great euphoric feeling this must elicit!

Custom Senior Tees, as Big a Tradition as Graduation Itself

It’s also a time to keep to tradition of graduation shirts. This is one item of clothing that’s a must-have, one that has become a kind of custom over the decades; graduation tees.

This is your year – “Class of 2015” so let your pride shine as far and wide as is possible, starting from the day of the graduation event, right under your academic dress.

The ceremony takes ‘forever’ and in many regions it becomes sweltering hot. Why in the world would you wear a flowing gown or a suit, shirt and tie under your graduation gown?

And after your ceremony and the days, weeks, and years to come, you want to have this memento, a souvenir that shows how proud you are of getting your degree. It becomes a keepsake and a kind of "traditional announcement; a timeless and formal way” to share the news of your graduation with family, friends, and associates.

From hoodies and tank tops, to long/short sleeve t-shirts and crew neck sweats, graduation tees can be customised to you and/or your group, crew, team, or cliques taste. Also, at many colleges, they are worn for grad parties or given out as gifts to friends and school mates.

Showcase Your Proud Achievement through T Shirts

Show your pride in yourself, your accomplishment, and your “big, swollen, full-of-knowledge brain”. Let everyone see the results of your brain work and the year you accomplished the feat. Tell the world through your custom graduation tees.