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Do that many people really read physical magazines, comics, and other such publications anymore? Doesn’t it seem like many of us past ardent magazine subscribers read most of our publications and articles online this century?

This is the question on many people lips these days. It’s hardly surprising though, judging by the fact that there is so much to read online . . . who has the time to read physical books and magazines when there are millions of journals, articles, research papers, and other such periodicals on the internet.

For many of us buying or subscribing to magazines and periodical digests such as Beautiful Homes and Readers Digest was the custom. From fashion magazines to bulletins; comics to anything to do with the aircrafts and automobiles, it was so satisfying holding onto a physical magazine, flipping through its pages, viewing images, photos, and illustrations; reading article after article of weekly, monthly, or quarterly publications.


Magazines Make Great Keepsakes 

The great thing about having physical magazines is that they make valuable keepsakes and souvenirs. Unlike online magazines, manuals, and publications in general where the best you can do to store them is have them bookmarked in your OS, physical books and magazines can be used to complement your home’s d├ęcor . . . for your living room’s bookcase and coffee table tops, your guest toilet in a magazine rack, or your bedside cabinet in your bedroom.

But how many things are we going to bookmark? Of course these things get buried deep in the pile of other bookmarks, probably never to be accessed again. There really is nothing like having physical magazines and publications based on one’s passion ‘sitting pretty’ in not only one’s view, but that of others – family, friends and guests.


Subscriptions at Rock-Bottom Prices - A Great Gift Idea

From OK Magazine, GQ, and Global Traveller, to Biblical Archaeology Review, Teen Vogue, and Gourmet Magazine, there are over a thousand magazines and other publications to choose from.

You may love to read about the latest celebrity gossip AND want copies of the magazines at home laid out for you to pick up and read anytime you wish. You may enjoy viewing pictures of luxury homes and read about re-modelling tasks, or want to have a collection of word puzzles that help exercise your brain.

But of course you want them at the best possible prices; rock bottom if possible, zero shipping costs, and most certainly WITHOUT AUTO-RENEWALS! . . . Most subscribers’ nightmare!  Look no further!

Magazine subscriptions also make a really good gift idea if you need that extra small gift for a family member, a colleague, or close friend. It's pleasing to know that your recipient will think of you all year long, whenever they receive their mags in the mail. You will find:

. . . and over 1500 more magazines to choose from!  And because renewals are not automatic, "everyone can renew their own on their own terms".

Keep Up-to-Date On Topics You Love

If you are a woman you can enjoy discounted best sellers in the world of health, lifestyle, fitness, bridal, or couture, and for men, you’ll find your favourite magazines with articles on trending workouts, the latest techy gadgets, how to improve your golf swing, and how to become a gourmet chef.

For the animal lover, there are discounted up-to-date magazines on animals and pets; for the kids’ comic and cartoon magazines, profession and career related magazines for those seeking a particular career path, and travel and leisure magazines for the adventurous.

So, whatever type of magazine publication you may need, certainly it must be one of the hundreds you can find with ease at this online discount magazine subscription site. Just take a look for the fun of it; of course you’ll be amazed at your publications finds.